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Style is a Mood.

We're taking a deep look at our Style this Scorpio season. Scorpio reminds us that Style is deeply emotional. Your personal style is a visual delivery of all your senses, the relationship with yourself and others, and what you embrace but also fear. Your style is as present in what you wear as it is in your energy + interactions with others.

Next Tuesday, Style Counsel will launch our first collection of SC Merch. It's a passion project that has taken nearly a year to build, and the message behind it is the real deal.

We believe that Style is not surface. It is developed. It's a rhythm you tap into that takes time to evolve, messy + perfect all at the same time. Your style evolution begins with your energy, your vibe, and your mood. It's a recipe for impact, inspiration, and becoming. Join us in the launch of our SC Merch on 11.22.22 and help us spread the message!

We promise your new Style + energy will be seen. 👀

(for a peek behind the scenes of how Style Counsel grew click here.)

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