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Reflecting on Style

What's next in 2024
What's next in 2024?

At SC we’re winding down the year reflecting on all the expansive changes we’ve experienced in 2023. It’s been a year of uncertainty that left us holding our breath with hope and faith. Hope + faith that we’ll be aligned with the opportunities we dream of having. In the process, we’ve been given creative work and expanded our reach by meeting the most welcoming individuals we’ve experienced yet! We’ve learned so much and continue to be a sponge.

However, hope and faith are not met with success unless the work on ourselves and the business is addressed. That is what we’ve done in '23. As we say - luck only happens to those who are prepared and able to accept the opportunities.

To be the best at what we do, we must first value who we are. As you guys know we are style creators, makers, and seekers. And we feel blessed to round out year 3 with an awareness that is humble and ready. 🤍

To learn more about the impetus of Style Counsel you can read my interview with Voyager, an online publication highlighting creative, small businesses in Ohio.

Many Blessings,


excerpt from the article:

What sets us apart is the pre-planning work we do for a project. We show up prepared, professional, well-dressed, and on time! We make ourselves available as much as possible, and we communicate very thoroughly. Collaboration is very important to us, so relationships are very valuable to the company, we treat our clients and projects with care. 

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