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Discover the Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves

If there's a lull in my day or I have idle time at home, you can find me at my makeup vanity. Vain, maybe? If my hand is on a brush being dipped in color, I'm happy. And the same goes for testing + trying new products. Everything from how the product is marketed, what the packaging looks and feels like, and the efficacy of the formula is important to me.

I always say if I need to decompress I either look at shoes, go to the thrift store, or do my makeup. I immerse myself in a creative act and I'm content.

So, what am I currently using? Below is a slideshow of all my current things, both skincare + makeup makeup-related. I'm often asked: "What do you use?". I don't use a specific string of beauty lines, and I love to experiment with high + low brands. Quite frankly, as of late I've been exploring more drugstore brands and have been presently surprised!

I hope this provides you with ideas + inspiration! Next, up I'll be helping models + actors (and brides) with some direction on how to best prepare your skin for a photoshoot or event! Until then. 💋

p.s. be aware that the skin care products, Lotion P50 and Sunday Riley Good Genes are both considered chemical exfoliators and should not be used on the same day. Both products are best used 2-3 times per week on alternating days, in the evening, followed by moisturizer.

Links to all products (most from Amazon)

Heritage Store Rose Facial Soap

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