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Updated: May 19, 2022

Last week David's mom, Sue, asked for my advice on her mother-of-the-groom look for the upcoming nuptials of David's brother. She was thinking something "comfortable, elegant, understated". Also worth noting: "pale colors". However, she was open to anything that I thought might be a good fit. David informed me that her fashion inspo is Princess Diana (ok, obsessed). So, I was on board with everything... except the pastel colors. Now, I get that this is the most general/safe stylistic route for most women, but Sue is a tall, tan brunette goddess, and my soul was screaming at me to expose that. I just couldn't allow her to quite literally mute herself down with a pastel color scheme. She deserves more than pastels.

We all deserve more than pastels.

Of course, I wanted to appease her requests, but also selfishly wanted to spice things to the drawing (pinterest) board I went with this motto in mind: WWPDD? (what would princess diana know, if the year was 2022 and she asked Style Counsel for fashion advice) So, that's what I did. If Princess Diana were here to see this, I hope she would approve of the PD x SC collab featuring the one and only, Sue Rogers.

Stay tuned for a final reveal :)

as always, xoxo, L.

*images sourced from pinterest and various retailers; not owned by SC

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