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Summer Style in WINTER ❄️

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Friendly Check-In: How are you feeling?

The winter season can be grueling… especially as we begin our final stretch of the season. It’s freezing cold outside, and just as the weather begins to get warmer, Ohio decides to gift us with yet another snowfall. I find myself rotating the same three sweaters, and I’m about two more outfit rotations away from throwing my entire wardrobe out the window…

And just before i lost all of my marbles, l came up with a challenge.

Summer clothes in the winter. Sounds crazy, right? Hear me out…

Just because the winter is cold, dry, and boring, doesn’t mean that our style has to be. Here’s a sign to get more creative. Look for an article of clothing that you would typically only wear during a warmer season...Then, get creative.

For example, grab your favorite black turtleneck and throw it on under that lace tank. Or, opt for winter white denim paired with fur. You could even pair that LBD in the back of your closet with some tights and your favorite pair of boots! The possibilities are endless when you are able to get creative + change your perspective.

Need some inspo? Here’s how we’ve styled some of our favorite summer staples this winter, and why we’re feeling effortlessly cool as we trek through this final stretch of winter.

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