Sugar Sag: eat the cake.

My Italian, steadfast grandfather has said to me (with sincerity) “Knowing a lot is a b*tch”. With a gentle approach, one may say.... “Ignorance is bliss”.

Either way you shake it, this philosophy may hold some truth.

I’m not saying we should turn our back to evolution and the imminent changes occurring in our environments and communities. Not in the least. The one value I hold near and dear is self-educating, listening, and learning. Preferably in the form of person-to-person contact, books, and carefully chosen podcasts.

However, the more I become aware of all the beauty treatments, procedures, products, and lifestyle practices that will create a better “me”, squander my bank account, and cause me to self-sabotage my inner dialog, I begin to say - enough!

I welcome you to Sugar Sag.

Sugar Sag is a medical concept telling you and me that Sugar is the underlying culprit creating the skin to prematurely sag.

Here's the science behind the sag:

“In terms of skin aging, refined sugar is one of the worst culprits. Sugar leads to a process known as glycation, in which sugar molecules bond covalently to proteins, lipids, or nucleic acids. Accumulation of these by-products in the skin can lead to the so-called sugar sag, and glycation also increases reactive oxygen species, further worsening oxidative harm.” - says Dr. Robert Anolik for Goop

My initial thought was - okay...good to know!

Then, I took a turn and asked myself....

Do I try to limit my sugar intake? Yes, I do.

Do I overindulge sometimes? - Sure.

Do I exercise weekly and eat a diet full of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats? - Yes, ma’am I do.

Is the texture of my skin changing and showing signs of “sagging” as I approach the most enlightened time of my life nearing the wise wisdom of my 40’s?

Yes. It. Is!

One giant sugar sag of a human.

I went from a “thank you for this information” mindset to “I shouldn’t eat a piece of cake!?”.

What I love seeing more and more is women in the media that are fully celebrating and in love with their process of maturing. It has begun to give me clarity and excitement to feel that I to can celebrate my process, my age, and all the jiggles and sags. I’ll always love to learn about emerging beauty treatments and practices - but I’m not a puppy in the window anymore. I may participate or I may pass.

Another tip my grandfather has been telling me for years is - Everything in moderation, and you'll be fine. He's right. But I now understand that everything in moderation does not just mean food, or substances that harm us, its everything... work, play, prayer, socializing, exposure to sunlight, anything!

So I say - Balance and Beauty - with cake too!

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Here are Instagram accounts we low-key creep on for beautiful-maturing inspiration: SilverDisobedience WhiteHairWisdom NatalieJillFit & worlds favorite Instagram mom, IAmTabithaBrown 💖

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