Small Changes: Makeup Vanity Restyle.

Updated: May 2

Do you ever yearn for a change to an everyday routine? I'm not necessarily talking about relocating (although cool if you are!) but rather a pivot from the same look and feel of the day-to-day routines. Driving the same roads, wearing the same clothes, pretty much eating the same foods, it all can feel redundant.

I'm on this little mission to make small changes to slightly shift the unfolding of my day.

Call it - small developments for fulfilling advances.

I took my everyday beauty rituals of applying makeup and changed it's scenery. I simplified. Each morning I enjoy 10 minutes of "playing" with my makeup products. I call it my creative 10. It's time to drink coffee, talk with my husband, and choose the colors I want to represent my mood for the day. Some days I'm feeling bronze-y, some days I apply a cat eye, some days I just need to get out the damn door and tinted moisturizer and lip gloss are all I got! Either way, it's a beauty ritual I enjoy.

So here we go. I'm changing the landscape of this sacred little space I spend 10 minutes in every, dang, day.

Here's what I did:

Threw away products I have not used in 6 months. This may be hard but do it. You'll feel GREAT and appreciate your most cherished items even more. (and make room for more, right!? lol)

I stopped at my local Goodwill and went straight to the housewares section. This is a gem for items you can repurpose for purposeful and creative storage. Whimsical teacups, flower vases, candy dishes - all are useable! Step into your creative mind and imagine how you can use items for unintended purposes.

Here's my Makeup Vanity Restyle using repurposed pieces from Goodwill.



I removed the tray and added these adorable copper tea cups, a soap dish, and an elevated candy dish to hold my single eyeshadows and blush.

Gold soap dish to hold products I want to draw attention to and use more!

These copper tea cups are quaint and feel so happy. They'd be great for sponges, too!

I turned this metallic flower vase on its side as a riser for my makeup brushes. When I grab a brush the difference in height is very helpful and I can see the brushes more clearly. Plus, I have a little hidden storage nook inside.

Find an area of your home, or anywhere, and simplify the aesthetic of the space to spark Joy! I just Marie-Kondo'd my makeup!

And, my daily experience of it.

Small, simple developments, to a more purposeful and enjoyable space.

With so much love,


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