About a month ago, I was feeling…stuck. Coming off of whatever 2020 was, the holidays were over, and there was nothing but cold, gray, pandemic Ohio-January days in my future. Other than launching this blog, I didn’t exactly have much to look forward to. It’s like I had no motivation to do…anything. Especially not the one thing I probably needed the most, which was to workout.

And, here’s the thing- I’m not one of those people who dreads working out. That’s right, I’m one of ~those~ people…like, scopes-out-the-hotel-gym-on-vacation types of people. Not to be confused with runs-5ks-on-holidays types of people- that’s a different breed. However, I do enjoy physical activity, which is why I was a little concerned when I couldn’t even bribe myself with a new pair of shoes to get to the gym. You could say my motivation had… flatlined.

I was craving something different. My regular gym routine just wasn’t cutting it. I needed a place that was fresh, fun, alive- a place with a pulse, if you will…

Cut to Pulse Barre and Fitness

One Monday, I had cracked. Like Gretchen Weiners, cracked. I knew something needed to change. So, I started with my own energy. Best way to elevate your vibe and rid yourself of stale stagnant energy? Movement.

So, I show up to Pulse for class. I had full intentions on making this a one-time-thing. As I’m getting ready for class, another girl senses my newness, “Is this your first class?", she asks. I nod. "You’re gonna love it.” She was right. 45 minutes, 2 Tyga songs, 1 spin class later, I’m signed up for a 2 week trial. I tried everything from Booty Bands and Abs to TRX to more spin classes to Arms and Abs to Pulse Barre. My drop-in class turned into a year long membership.

Normally, this type of commitment would send me running for the hills, however I'm OK with it...here's why: I'm worth it. My health (physical AND mental) is worth it. I owe it to myself to dedicate 30-60 minutes of my day to my well-being. I'm invested. I'm committed. And with this level of investment and commitment, comes a new layer of accountability. Which, above all else, is what I really needed. It's fun. I enjoy it. It's a source of good energy. good vibes. a pulse!

Pulse Perks:

*Option for live and virtual classes

*Complimentary wellness & goal-setting session

*App for quick and easy scheduling/canceling classes

*Variety of classes for every fitness level

*Helpful, supportive, and caring staff

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