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Meet SC at Midnight

Midnights Mood.

I wasn't prepared for this level of artistry. In my opinion, this is one of T.Swift's most well-developed projects. I love every track, every sound, every visual, every lyric, every detail. I think what makes it so magical is the permission that it gives us. It's as if the darkness of midnight brings with it a certain type of permission: to dream, to wonder, to fantasize, to reminisce, to go ~there~ with some of your deepest desires, thoughts, feelings. etc. And it’s ok because it’s dark out, so no one is around + no one can see. It’s only yours to know about- like a secret or a dream -a sparkly, dark, glamorous, cathartic, honest, beautiful, secret dream. This album has the same energy as what I imagine it would be like to live on the planet Neptune- like hazy, watery, distant, inspirational, spiritual illusion.

In that context, it doesn't necessarily have to make sense either (like a dream) - it can be delusional, confusing, deceptive - it can be snow on the beach, weird but f*cking beautiful. And to layer it, there's also this sense of honesty + acceptance of whatever comes up in the darkness and an openness to explore it all- even if it’s not pretty or real. There is a healing element to this album. It's powerful because it's relatable, and it expresses all of the things we feel but are too afraid to admit or say in the light. But, midnight rolls around, and it's like showtime.

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