Lemon water.

Updated: Mar 21

Each month we're giving you a piece of chocolate from our Box of Chocolates. A new gooey morsel to savor and try for yourself. It might be a new perspective, a tiny practice to include in your day, or simple, beautiful style elements.

This month: Lemon Water.

Here's what this refreshing and easy elixir can do for you.

  1. Welcoming your day with a warm cup of water and a slice of lemon may not sound exciting, but it'll greatly aid in flushing nasty bacteria buildup in your gut and toxins. Trust us, they're in there. Have a hard time imagining your first sip not being coffee? We promise you'll be surprised in the relaxing kick this little yellow nectar provides you.

  2. Glowing, clear, hydrated skin. Give it one month and we promise you'll notice a change in your skin. Lemons (and Vit C) are inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, and aid in collagen production. These elements will make you glow - inside and out.

  3. And this is our favorite. You're beginning your day with a small, simple act to love your body. Clean, open, fresh. That's you.

... make lemon water.

With grace & love,

Megan + Leah

#lemonwater #morningdetox

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