Go to bed.

Updated: Apr 29

Sometimes, and often, the best thing you can do for yourself is go to bed.

Sun hasn't set yet - doesn't matter. Go to bed.

Didn't wash your face - it can wait. Go to bed.

Your body feels twice it’s size, you’re gassy, and bag of chocolate chips sounds like a great idea. Go to bed.

You and your partner have completely different energies and can’t communicate worth a shit. Go to bed.

Your boss had a demeaning tone with you today, it hurt, and you took it personally.

Go to bed.

You can’t keep your eyes open. Yes it’s 7:30.

Go to bed.

It’s raining outside and nothing sounds better than snuggling in your bed. But you feel guilty because 5 loads of laundry need done, trash is full, your kids need fed, and so do you. Feed the kids, have a snack.

Go to bed.

You feel incompetent. Anxieties over money, a society that is going mad and your not sure how to help. You’re not the type of person to emit rage in a time when what we desperately need is Love. You can’t stand the social media slamming and cruel comments being thrown from in empathetic towers of privilege, anymore. Go to bed.

Please my dear soul of the universe.

Put your phone away and place it in another room. Have some tea.

Go to bed.

Tomorrow, how will you show change to the world?

Not with a post, or comments, bashing or supporting.

But physical, active, and emotional engagement.

Like, human to human.

Feel at peace, and it will become.

Since your phone is in another room, here’s an alarm clock.

Enjoy your rest. You need it.

We all need it.

Peace and blessings.


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