Gardening + Grounding

About a month ago, Dave, his mom, and I all went to Sunny Dell farms in Stow to get the goods for our garden this year. There’s something about gardening that feels very nostalgic to me. Growing up, my mom loved to garden. We used to have tomato plants that lined the walk-way to our front door, among tons of other beautiful flowers. I can remember in the summer time when she would get home from work, we would pick the ripe tomatoes and bring them inside to use on my dad’s salad for dinner. I used to hate tomatoes, but I can remember how good they smelled and how much I loved searching for ones that were ready to be picked. There was just something about it.

So, when Dave invited me along to pick out some plants, I was pumped. We spent a Sunday afternoon out in the garden. Leveling the dirt, poking holes in the bottom of the potted plants, weeding, you name it, we did it. And, with this garden, I set the intention of making it part of my grounding practice. Grounding, if you aren’t familiar, is literally just feeling/connecting to the ground. This practice helps manage stress and anxiety, avoid self-destructive behaviors, and give you a positive mindset. As someone who is very astrologically air and water dominant, grounding is imperative for me + my mental health. I naturally tend to float away, so being grounded could really do me some good.

Whenever we go out to water the garden, I head out to the backyard barefoot. There is actually something very therapeutic about feeling the cool, solid ground under my feet. A part of me feels almost childlike when I do it, which just feels so comforting. I feel like time slows down, and I’m just automatically present.

There. In the grass. Sun setting. With dave. With our dogs. In the garden. It’s good. It’s simple. Nothing more. Nothing less. I'm there. Grounded.

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