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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

One year ago today we launched Style Counsel with intentions of growing a little beauty biz that would speak to both beauty and soul. Leah and I poured our hearts into the Style Counsel blog (looking back I think some healing needed to take place - and this space worked for us - thank you for reading our whoas lol). Then, in May, we moved into our Style Counsel Loft and opened it’s doors for our beauty services.

For the full summer we spray-tanned, bronzed, blushed, and lashed our vision for friends, family, and those reaching out for services. We took our services *very* seriously. Thinking we could (and maybe we did) change one life path at a time at the hand of a spray tan.

It was the hardest, anxiety fueled, tear welling, sleepless year of our professional lives - and we wouldn’t change a single detail of it. It was rough, it was gritty, and the deep-intentional thought behind all of it has taught us a mindset that cannot be exchanged for any amount of gold. We loved it.

So, today on our one-year (baby) anniversary we’re feeling completely aligned and energized for the new structure of the business. We’ve trimmed the fat. Got super-duper honest with what didn’t work - and what will work. And we’ve chosen a direction that we’re good at, passionate about, and can feel expressive!

This year Style Counsel becomes a Creative Consulting Agency for brands, businesses, and individuals that need guidance on how they present their visual agenda to the public.

We cultivated a team of amazing creatives offering graphic design, photography & videography, social media production, copywriting, email campaign production, web design, digital analytics, photoshoot concept, and production including hair + makeup, as well as interior styling.

We have to give a huge-warm-hearted shout-out to our first client, VIO Med Spa Franchise Group - for believing in our North Star vision and seeing our passionate light. We could not be doing this without you.

This year we’ll be working with Calling All Angels Home Care, a continuous and supportive relationship with Gerri's Closet, and we're offering discovery sessions for anyone seeking our guidance.

AND, you’ll be able to Shop with Us + SOON!

The SC Stack will launch this Spring where you can shop SC merch including Hoodies, T’s, Limited Edition Fashion + Beauty, and Home Decor. We want to provide you with an outlet to not only express your Style - but grow with it, too!

With our love - and cheers to your great journey ahead.

Megan + Leah

until next time ...

Image by @Cult.Class

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