Forest Bathing.

No, were not getting naked and bathing in the woods. Not yet, anyway! However, our Box Of Chocolates this month is about bathing outside. Here's what we mean.

A ten-minute walk can change your world. Did you know that our bodies need fresh oxygen to cleanse and regenerate our cells? A 10-minute walk outside is literally healing you from the inside out.

Forest Bathing, also known in Japan as Shinrin-Yoku, has been practiced for centuries to enhance wellbeing, community, and cultural and environmental respect. Now, imagine surrounding yourself with trees, witnessing the design of nature, and the interwoven energies that create such an amazing landscape. You are now Forest Bathing.

Here are some facts:

Trees emit oils as protection against germs and insects. These oils called phytoncides, help support our immune system too.

Forest bathing lowers our heart rate, blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and calms our nerves.

Forest bathing reduces depression while boosting energy.

Forest bathing is an awakening practice to consciously step away from phones, tablets, and screens of all kinds.

If you interested in learning more about how trees can heal we can't recommend this documentary enough. Narrated by Keanu Reeves (so, even better : ) you'll learn how trees have shaped a man's life, and how they support us to heal.

With so much love,

Megan + Leah

#forrestbathing #selfawarness

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