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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Recently, Style Counsel has partnered with VIO Med Spa (Burlington, MA) to supply creative marketing for social media and e-mail. And of course, before we could start designing an amazing visual marketing collection for our client, we had to create a mood board.

In order for this collection to feel super customized, we wanted to emphasize the geographic location- Boston. In a franchise system, like the one VIO is part of, developing creative can be's important to stay on brand + consistent, however it should have its own look, tone, and feel to make sure its representative + resonating with its specific demographic.

We had a lot of fun creating our Boston It-Girl Mood. In this post you'll see the inspiration we started with, and how we then transformed that into a beautifully designed + strategically executed visual marketing collection.

this is VIO Med Spa, Boston x Style Counsel

the mood

the creative + design - social

instagram: @vio_boston

the creative + design - email

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