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To this day, I have a hard time explaining this sequence of events. I believe in Free Will, i.e. that we have the ability to choose our reality, foregoing any type of "pre-destined" or "pre-determined" times, spaces, places. But, then there are times like this one, where a deeper knowing, or maybe faith is the word, creeps in and challenges that belief, and blows it right out of the water. And I can't help but to think "everything happens for a reason." Let me explain...

When I decided I was going to move to Vegas, I knew there would be a lot to figure out. The months leading up to my move, I got really into manifestation/Source Energy/Law of Attraction. I was reading the book "You Are a Badass" by Jen Cicero, which lead me to Abraham Hicks, whose videos were on a constant loop. Somewhere along the way, I remember seeing this- during this creative process of manifestation, your only job is to figure out what you want and why, and the Universe will determine the how and the when. So, I decided to test it out. What did I want: to move to LV. Why: to make money, to have fun, and to show myself and others that there is more to life than a good ole 8-5. Ok, Universe, you're up. Show me the how and the when.

Mind you, a major life theme I had been trying to master was…staying the course, trusting the process, understanding that rejection was actually redirection. When things don't go according to your plan, it’s not a "no", but more of a "yes" to something else…who knows, maybe even something better. The idea in Law of Attraction stems from the Universe being abundant. It’s trusting that there is SO MUCH AT WORK FOR YOU (things you don’t even know about), that's why you don't worry about the how or the when. So, when you’re tunnel visioned and trying to control every piece and part- you’re doing yourself a disservice because the Universe has access to information and resources that you aren’t even aware of. It sounds crazy, right? Especially for someone who believes in Free Will....but, I do also believe that there is someone/something More.

Circling back...

At this point, I had been on my trip out West for about 10 days. I was back in Las Vegas by myself, and I was looking forward to all of my friends flying out for our annual Raccoon Hill Golf Club Vegas Trip. They were to get into Vegas around lunch time, which in my head was perfect. I had it all planned out- That would give me enough time to check out of the Flamingo, walk across the casino and check into Harrah’s. Everything was going according to (my) plan, until, my friend texts me and says that they were delayed in Cleveland. Ok, not part of the plan, but I will go with it- I can easily kill and hour or two. So, I head over to Fashion Show Mall, pop into Top Shop pop into Steve Madden, get a Starbucks. It was perfect, no big deal until, I get another text. They’re delayed again and won’t be in Vegas until dinner time. I'm like dinner time?! Panic. Stress. Annoyed. This was NOT what I had planned.

At this time, I had one contact in Las Vegas. 1. His name is Dom. I text him and fill him in. He told me to come to LAVO Brunch, which is basically Hakkasan on a Saturday morning. Anyway, my immediate reaction is “absolutely not. I’m not going to a party brunch by myself looking like a total loser. it’s going to be so awkward. no. no.” But, I remember- rejection (of my plans) is actually just redirection. Stay the course. I’m like, Leah, you’ve come this far, what do you have to lose? But where will I put by shopping bags? Like that minor detail was really going to stop me…brains are funny. They look for any excuse to keep you in your comfort zone. That fear of “looking stupid” can be such a bitch sometimes, am I right?

Anyway, I arrived at Lavo. Dropped my shopping bags in Dom’s car (problem solved). And Dom escorted me to a table with a couple other girls. In my head, of course they all have friends and I am the loser-out-of-towner who is socially desperate. Turns out nobody thought that, or even cared enough to form an opinion (huge relief). Actually everyone else was in from out of town too, and they were really nice, and everything was ok….I was ok. About 30 minutes later, Dom walks towards me with another girl…She had long dark hair, she was wearing a white blazer and big hoops. They get to the table and Dom says, “Leah meet Ang. Ang meet Leah. You’re both here by yourselves. Start talking to each other.” Slightly forced, but ok. We gave each other a look and started talking.

Come to find out Angelina had just moved to Vegas a month prior form Massachusetts. She was living in a 2-bedroom apartment and needed a roommate. I told her that I was in a similar situation. We spoke some more about our big things: she said, I only try to

eat organic, but I love a taco bell moment- same here. I told her I didn't want to live with someone who did hardcore drugs/partied really heard- she agreed. That was that- we were roommates.

But, not just a roommate. Angelina and I were so close so fast. Like, almost sisters? We were like perfect opposites. When I tell you Yin and Yang. Physically, she has dark hair/features, I am blonde with light features. She drove a black Nissan, I drove a white Nissan (we both had black rims lol). She is a Sag Sun/Virgo Moon. I’m a Pisces Sun/Gemini Moon. Literally referred to in astrology as “sister signs” aka opposites of each other. Our suns both ruled by Jupiter, and our moons both ruled by Mercury. We are free spirits, who simultaneously overthink everything. I never would have made it through those 8 months without our morning coffee/therapy sessions, our Jersey Shore binges, or paying a $30 delivery fee for door dashing Del Taco that was literally in walking distance. I mean, I know society tells us that soul mates are romantic, but what if they weren't limited to romantic relationships?

This is where the water gets murky for me when I try to understand life. Because on one hand, I believe in Free Will, which would imply that there is no “destiny”. But on the other hand, I have no doubt in my mind that meeting Angelina was part of my soul’s journey. Like, I will never see that as a coincidence. So, I don’t really know which one it is: fate being real or free will? Maybe there’s a cosmic combination between the two that my simple human brain cannot understand, which I'm fine with. I saw this quote once that said, "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous." I think God was in LAVO that day, lol.

But, it just goes back to that whole idea of seeing rejection as redirection. The Universe/God/Source literally delivered to me how I was going to live in Vegas when I met Angelina. I mean, how do you explain that? For me, it’s a lesson in just letting shit unfold even if it seems “wrong” or didn’t go according to (your) plan. Sometimes the plan you think you so perfectly constructed, isn’t perfect.

Because everything that you think isn’t working out for you, is actually just one part of everything working out for you. Trust that. Because you just might get better than what you ever even expected. You just might get an Angelina.

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