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42 + my recent skin journey.

Here’s what I’m up against. I'm 42 years old today and feeling pretty damn good about it!

I’m about to begin fertility treatments, so Botox + injections will have to wait. Some of you near and dear know I love my 2x per year tox treatment, which I began at 36.

Jan 3rd: no makeup

Because of current life events, I was inspired to make some changes to my skincare routine. As a makeup artist, I'm consistently asked by clients what treatments I use on my skin - which I am always eager to share! But, before I changed up my own routine, I dug deep into the beauty industry and how it influences our perspective on skin care.

First, I'm an advocate of making internal changes for external results. Our beauty can’t be bought. It can't be supported with $300 serums, injections, tucks, and pumps. The essence of how you show up in the world can only be enhanced by internal changes you’re willing to understand, embrace, and make.

I love the beauty industry. I adore products, their claims, and their packaging. I get the biggest thrill from trying new makeup brands (high + low), and I love luxury face potions that tell me I will “wake up like this” with my skin looking hydrated, clear, even-toned, and full of life.

My suggestion is that we take steps to be well-hydrated, clear, even-toned, and full of life by incorporating practices into our lifestyle that leave you feeling and looking fresh without the $300+ price tag.

I know….what a drag. I know what you’re thinking. This takes time. This takes effort. This takes an awareness of what to do…all of which I don’t have. I get it.

“Can’t I buy my beauty or take a derm prescription and be done?”

You can.

However, my questions for you are:

Is that working for you?

Do you have thousands of dollars to consistently spend trying the next best thing that will work? If you do...I'm a little more than slightly jealous. I digress. Let's say this....are you okay with placing products on your face + body that have invasive, gasoline-like ingredients that cause internal and external inflammation, disrupt your hormones, and potentially impede your body's ability to heal?

It’s time to change how we’ve been conditioned to view beauty and the practices we’ve been told will work. Because guess what, they're not working! We still feel sub-par and continue to scrutinize our skin.

More layers, more topical-medicated creams, and more brands in your cabinet will not provide the beauty you so desperately seek. More is not more. I'm here to propose that less, is the key.

Let me be clear and also contradictory.

I love Botox. Love it. I’m not so into changing the structure of my face with plumping injections - however, I do want to experience a little lip plump at some point in my life. But give me a smoothed-out face and the Botox glow any day! It works and I concede to its effects by taking the risk of placing botulism in my body. Can you believe we do this? Lol.

I believe that lasers and peels work some mystical magic by causing damage to the skin that will ultimately rejuvenate it to a better, clearer place than it was before. I’m on board.

I admire individuals who get breast implants, nips + tucks to enhance their figure and provide the shape they’ve always desired. Respect.

I love lash-enhancing serums that help my lashes grow to doe-like lengths. And I’ve dabbled in lash extensions for periods at a time. I feel like a Moulin Rouge showgirl, even though I wear overalls and hoodies. Lash extensions are not for me in the long run but let me say they are a hell of a lot of fun.

Wholistic Skin Journey

I’m not telling you to leave behind the treatments that make you feel good. If they work for you then they work for you! And let’s be real, you can’t meditate deep wrinkles off your face and a smoothie won’t save you from sun spots. Or…..can it!?

That’s my proposal. Do lifestyle changes have the power to enhance our skin, the structure of our face, and slow the aging process?

You have the power to do this. Most of which costs nothing. The only investment you’re making is changing your approach and what you’ve been conditioned to subscribe to. It takes educating yourself, awareness, and a few new shopping patterns.

I’m going to hit you with a truth serum here. If you need visual evidence of how your skin can change by making lifestyle adjustments - let’s go to an extreme. Google “alcoholic skin before and after”. It’s astonishing, eye-opening, and grounding. Individuals who dig up the courage + grace to deeply work through their relationship with alcohol and firmly decide not to drink, experience external results that leave them looking years if not decades, younger.

Here’s what happens:

They reduce their sugar intake (all alcohol and grains turn into sugar in your body which causes inflammation).

Their body responds to the absence of alcohol with its natural ability to heal.

While healing, the body increases hydration, collagen production, and hydroponic acid production. Vital fat + protein production is also re-introduced to the skin.

Skin inflammation, redness, acne, and bloat are suppressed.

The eyes become whiter due to the body counteracting damage and yellowing the sclera – the white part of your eye.

Within 60 to 90 days the individual has a new face, new skin, and most importantly a new energy that is expressed to the world. Beauty.

Can I tell you never to have sugar, wine, or a martini? No. I’m not sure I can even commit to that, yet. Although I’ve been getting cozy with the idea for years. But, by painting a picture of an extreme case, I hope it connects some dots for you.

What we ingest is what we digest. And what we digest is expressed on our skin.

Our skin provides the visual signals of what is occurring, or not occurring, in our bodies.

To change the external, you must first evaluate how you treat the internal. Topical lotions and potions can’t rejuvenate your digestion, liver + kidney functions or mental well-being.

It starts with you, not a product.

The questions to ask yourself are:

How bad do you want healthy, youthful skin?

Am I willing to change my patterns?

Am I open to trying new methods to care for my skin?

If the answer is No - cool! No harm no foul, and by all means keep shopping. Hey, I get it. I still want all the consumer claims and pretty things too! It’s a hard habit to break.

Your skin care is a new mindset to adopt. That is difficult for anyone.

I’m not a doctor and there is a place for medical means to maintain healthy skin. I don’t want to disrespect anyone who feels comforted by what they’ve been prescribed and may ultimately need.

My Skin-hab:

Here’s what I did for 17 days to detox and rehab my skin. I have to tell you that I do not experience adult acne. Kinda lucky in that arena. If I have a blemish I’m pretty decent at letting it chill and see its way through. I try not to pick because if I do I have a dark spot left on my face for months if not a year.

I eat a very low-carb diet with minimal sugar, and alcohol, and exercise 3-4 times per week. This includes strength training, yoga, and long walks. I know, moms start laughing now...😅 I hope to be in your club, soon.

For roughly 17 days I did the following:

  • I cleansed in the morning by splashing frigid cold water on my face for a solid minute. That’s all.

  • I moisturized with this Banyan Botanics beauty balm or Conserving Beauty face oil. I did not use sunscreen.

  • I massaged my face with a gua sha tool for 3-5 min.

  • I did not wear makeup except for a few work meetings and social gatherings. (this was difficult because I'm a makeup artist and my muscle memory is legit!)

  • In the evening, if I wore makeup I removed it with organic olive oil and a cotton round. I cleansed with a Heritage Store bar soap, and hydrated again with the face balm.

  • I eliminated all prestige brand products, anything with a water base, and multistep skincare - such as serums + eye creams.

That’s it.

What I learned:

I noticed that my skin looked even and had a nice plumpy glow. I did get one pimple on my chin but no biggie. I ADORE the gua sha massage and feel that I’m building a good muscle tone under my skin. I’m a firm believer in physically working the skin.

I felt lighter. I was not concerned with layering products. Or, overcomplicating my routine causing inflammation. It was light, easy, and simple. And yes, I still used the balm even if I was wearing makeup. It absorbed nicely by the time I applied my makeup.

Jan 11th: makeup on + a damn good photographer Cirina Matos

Going forth:

I'm on board for now. I'm enjoying the simplicity. And, I feel good knowing that what I'm using on my skin is not causing disruptions in my body and cells. It's eye-opening to think that we truly do not know how the chemicals in our products will affect us in the long run. Although I think we're beginning to see + experience some not-so-savory results across the board.

I will still try the pretty things, dabble in products with claims, and I REALLY want to try the J-Lo Hydrating Sheet Mask 🤷‍♀️. I've heard it's phenomenal. My makeup products will not always be clean, and I will still wear some fragrances. (tip: spritz your clothes, not your skin).

But for now - my awareness is vigilantly heightened. I will be choosey with what I deem as a treat, and aim for a cleaner palette between skincare and makeup products. It's a start and the simplicity feels amazing! 80/20 rule : )

To learn more I recommend these resources 🤍

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