3:00 am Everything Bagels

I never thought I would be one of "those" people. You know, happy in a relationship. I've never really been one for ~romance~. Maybe it's my nature. Maybe it's because the one time I tried to marry my 4th grade bf on the playground, I got in trouble and was eternally traumatized and embarrassed. Whatever the reason...I had decided it just wasn't for me...until I met Dave.

Before we started dating, I had been single for, well, my whole life if you don't count high school, the 3 different times I flew across the continental U.S. to see a guy, or the foreign men in my Instagram DMs. So, Dave really came along right at the peak of my distrust and disbelief in ~romance~ ugh, even typing it I cringe. But, among the 1,000,000 other things he's shown/taught me, redefining "romance" might be my favorite.

I changed my mind about the reality of romance the night before we got tested for COVID-19 back in February. I was having a hard time sleeping, so I tried to sneak out of bed- it never works he catches me every time. He woke up and asked, "what's wrong?" I told him that I wasn't tired, but really hungry and needed a snack before trying to go back to bed. Without hesitation, he said, "I have Everything Bagels. Do you want one?" Next thing I know, without hesitation, he jumps out of bed and heads to the kitchen to make me a bagel? At 3:00 am. Sick. Tired. Breathe-Right nose strip still on and all. And he wasn't even annoyed? Like what kind of sick joke is this? Like who does that? Apparently someone who loves you that's who.

Standing there watching him put the bagel in the toaster, get out the cream cheese, and plate me a bagel at 3:00 am, I just started crying. I was so freaked out- like, I think this shit that they talked about in The Notebook was real....I think this is what romance is? I think this is love? Fuck- I could have sworn this stuff wasn't for me, and now I'm crying? Shit! No. This wasn't supposed to happen! Not to me anyway. But, it was happening to me...right there in front of my eyes.

What a relief that romance doesn't have to be corny or embarrassing. It doesn't have to mean gifts, and dinners, and flowers (although he has gotten me those too). For me, romance is Everything Bagels in the kitchen at 3:00 am with my best friend.


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