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about us:

This is a Safe Space. 

How exciting that we are all living in this current time?


Change seed energy is rapidly propelling us forward, while we're also deeply trying to expose and heal wounds we created in our past. 


Our foundation is shook, we yearn to be woke but don’t know how, and struggle to actively and justly contribute in our communities. We’re on spin cycle, and we’re reaching like hell for safe spaces.


Style Counsel is a space grounded in collective creativity, voices that are vulnerable, holistic beauty, fashion, style, and art. We talk about it, work through it, and strive to learn from it.


Nothing is surface and we’re not great at chit-chat. 

It’s deep, it’s raw, and we go there first.


silent team members:

They don’t know it, but these individuals are on our team. They're the silent team members that inspire us, challenge us, and open windows letting in a fresh breeze.

Taryn Toomey, Gucci Westman, Tina TurnerGlennon Dolye,

Krista Williams, Brittany Binowski, SZA, Melanated Mama


Megan Hurley

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Clean Beauty Makeup Artist.

mornings. yoga. good trouble.

Certifications: Paul Mitchell Advanced

Makeup & Airbrush

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Leah Marino

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Clean Beauty Spray Tan Artist. 

la croix. astrology.

aspiring 'good enough'-ist.